Posture Pump® for Sciatica and Low Back Discomfort - Penta Vec Model 2500

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  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED! POSTURE PUMP DISC HYDRATOR PENTA VEC MODEL 2500 lifts and expands the lumbar spine, allowing the spine to be decompressed.
  • A MUST HAVE for BACK DISCOMFORT sufferers! Unique blend of five simultaneous force vectors cannot be manually duplicated. This BACK TREATMENT provides a feeling of lightness from uncomfortable stiffness and compression in the low back
  • With your heels pushed out and up on the foot piece, and your legs extended, the BACK/LUMBAR unit will now slide below the buttocks, lifting buttocks up and off the ground.
  • Employs breakthrough technology of Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) invented and patented by Posture Pump and only used in official Posture Pump products
  • WHAT'S IN THE BAG? (1) Posture Pump Penta Vec (Model 2500) [No plastic wrapping – less waste and environmentally friendly!], (2) Printed Instructions, (3) Product Brochure