Body Sport® Eye and Temple Massager

The Body Sport® Eye and Temple Massager is designed for massaging temples and other acupressure points in the ocular region to comfort eye fatigue and relax the user both physically and mentally.

This massager provides maximum comfort through pneumatic and vibrating massage as well as 106°F–109°F hot compression to accelerate blood circulation. Depending on a user’s need and preference, they can select between 5 massage modes, including Pneumatic + Heating, Full Function, Pneumatic + Vibrating, Pneumatic, and Heating. The Eye and Temple Massager features an adjustable elastic band and removable cover designed for increased comfort.

Additional features include an integrated mainframe, USB cable, operation introduction, certificate of conformity, LCD display, and a carrying case for on-the-go comfort. This foldable, portable device also supports MP3 music that can be copied onto the device to provide ultimate relaxation during use.


Soothing Eye and Temple Massage Tool for Stress Comfort

Man relaxes with the Body Sport Eye Massager

Alleviates Fatigue and Stress

Its soothing massage can help aid fatigue and stress from the eye and temple area and improve circulation.

Woman relaxes wearing eye and temple massager

Promotes Deep Relaxation & Improves Sleep

This eye massager combines air pressure, vibration, and hot compression to promote deeper relaxation and help encourage restful sleep.

Slightly transparent view of eye massager address undereye puffiness with heat compression.

Aids Under Eye Puffiness

This massager provides gentle heat compression to the skin around the eye, stimulating blood circulation to help reduce eye strain, dark circles, and puffiness.

The perfect spa gift for everyone on your list.

The Perfect Gift

This eye and temple massager is the perfect gift for everyone, especially those who love spa treatments and professional massage therapy.

Tan adjustable elastic strap on the eye massager.

Adjustable Elastic Band

This personal eye and temple massager comes standard with an adjustable band for a comfortable fit.

Compact and easy to travel with, this eye massager is perfect for people on the go.

Portable, Foldable Design

Small, lightweight, and easy to carry, this handheld eye massager features a foldable design, making a quick massage possible anywhere—at home, in the office, or while you travel.

Appropriate for office, travel and home with a comfortable, ergonomic design.


This rechargeable eye massager features a sleek, ergonomic design, perfect for personal use to alleviate anxiety and provide eye strain comfort.

Rechargeable batteries last up to 5 days with average use.

Rechargeable & Cordless

It features a rechargeable lithium battery that can be used for 4–5 days, one (1) 15-minute session per day.

Eye Massager Mask features and button placement.
Vibration and air pressure eye massager features.
Play your own music. Comes with 5 songs pre-loaded.
Heats 104-109 degrees Fahrenheit

How to Use the Eye Massager

Charging your personal massager

Connect the massager to a computer using the included USB cable and charge the built-in battery. The fully charged battery can be used for 4–5 days, one (1) 15-min. session/day.

Massager On/Off and Mode Selection

Press the On-Off/Mode Button to turn on the massager. The LCD screen will be on, and the massager will be in the default setting (Mode 1). Press the On-Off/Mode Button again to switch between the five massage modes. Hold the On-Off/Mode Button down for 1–2 seconds to turn off the eye massager.

5 User Modes
  • Mode 1: Pneumatic (Air) + Heating
  • Mode 2: Full Function (Air + Heating + Vibrating)
  • Mode 3: Pneumatic (Air) + Vibrating
  • Mode 4: Pneumatic (Air)
  • Mode 5: Heating

Using the Music Button

Press the Music Button to start the music. To change songs during music play, press the Music Button. To adjust the volume during music play, press the Music Button twice. The default volume is the high level. The volume sequence is high level, middle level, and low level. Hold the Music Button for 1–2 seconds to stop the music.

To transfer personal MP3 songs to the eye massager, connect the USB cable to the massager and a computer respectively. Copy the MP3 music onto the massager. The music will be available via the Music Button on the massager. Note: The massager will stop working when entering the USB connected state.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Care for Eye Massager Unit

  • For cleaning, wipe the product with a slightly wet soft cloth or towel.
  • Keep the product in a dry and airy place.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight, high temperature, or a damp place.

Care for Removable and Washable Cover

  • Gently remove any stains off the removable, washable cover with a slightly wet cloth after using.
  • Hand wash the cover in warm water. Do not wash in a washing machine or use bleach. Hang up to air dry; do not wring or iron.
Wipe clean with damp cloth.