Rapid Release Therapy Pro2

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High-Speed Aid Is Possible with Rapid Release!

Experience non-invasive comfort with the Rapid Release Pro-2. Invented by a chiropractor, Dr. Stanley Stanbridge, the Rapid Release Pro-2 helps comfort muscle discomfort and stiffness using high-speed vibration therapy that targets sore, stiff muscles with short, high-frequency strokes for effective comfort.

Use the Rapid Release Pro-2 for the following:

  • Relax muscles
  • Release discomfort, tension, and stiffness
  • Comfort minor aches
  • Target trigger points
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Recover Faster!

The Pro2 quickly helps to comfort discomfort and tension as well as relax muscles for improved recovery.

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Help Aid Tension on Target

Combining high speed and a short-stroke, this massager delivers a significant amount of precisely targeted energy to quickly comfort tension.

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Durable & Easy to Use

Featuring an industrial strength design, this handheld massager is meticulously engineered for long life and heavy-duty professional use.

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Versatile for the All-Over Comfort

The 5 built-in treatment heads allow you the dynamic range to safely and effectively treat tiny muscles all the way to larger extremities.

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Unique Vibration Therapy Technology

Rapid Release is leading the industry as a pioneer of high-speed vibration therapy. In addition to discovering the optimal treatment frequency (166 Hz), the Pro2 also utilizes a multi-head tip to treat various parts of the body from sensitive areas and large muscles down to trigger points. Its versatility allows users of all body types to experience aid.


  • FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device
  • No attachments to change or lose or batteries to charge
  • Balanced mechanism reduces vibration at handle
  • Treatments typically last just 2–5 min.
  • Easy to manage, 10.7" in length
  • Lightweight, 2.7 lb. (includes cord)
  • Voltage, 110/120 and 220/240 model
  • 10,000 rpm, 166 Hz
  • New 3-Year limited warranty
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“Bottom line is I want to help people have a better, fuller life. Without question Rapid Release is uniquely qualified to deliver that help."

– Dr. Stanley Stanbridge, Inventor, President

Vibration Therapy Benefits

  • Uses vibration therapy as non-invasive treatment to help provide aid for all, from elderly to pediatric.
  • Provides complete “head-to-toe” treatment of the musculoskeletal anatomy, offering improved movement through muscle relaxation.
  • May be used on areas percussive therapy cannot treat—the cranial area, spinal column, throat, jaw, spine, and tendons—due to the striking nature of percussive therapy.
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