Enzyme Science - (Pea) +, 60 Count

(PEA) + is formulated to relieve physiological stress and soreness or discomfort associated with occasional stiffness, and compromised tissue function as a result of overexertion and everyday stress. Meriva, the most clinically studied curcumin available, offers 29X greater absorption than standard curcumin extracts. PEA works to calm excited nerves to naturally encourage alleviation, which promotes wellbeing. Unlike other common forms of PEA, this unique material does not use the commercial solvent Toluene in its manufacturing process.

  • Calms excited nerves
  • Relieves soreness and discomfort associated with occasional stiffness and compromised tissue as a result of overexertion
  • Promotes healthy joint function with Meriva curcumin
  • Contains Meriva, which has been shown to be 29X more absorbable than other common curcumin extracts
  • Supports physiological stress