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ExerBand Bilateral Tube

Resistance Training Workouts Made Simple

The ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube provides everything needed to perform resistance training workouts at home or in the clinic. This resistance tube is pre-assembled and ready to use with a manual that features step-by-step instructions. The ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube has two handles and is available in a range of color-coded resistance levels. Use the ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube to stretch and strengthen while supporting range of motion.

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Full-Body Workout

Bring the ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube wherever you go for a full-body workout.

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Tighten & Tone

Take workout routines to the next level with the ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube. This resistance tube offers over 25 different exercises to tighten and tone.

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Easy to Use

The ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube is easy to use in a variety of settings. Simply position the web strap in any door at any desired elevation for your selected resistance exercise.

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2-Minutes Away from a Fresh Face!

The ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube can be used for trunk rotations, tricep extensions, shoulder rows, lunges, and more.

Color-Coded Resistance Levels

  • Yellow: Extra Light Resistance
  • Red: Medium Resistance
  • Green: Heavy Resistance
  • Blue: Extra Heavy Resistance
  • Black: Special Heavy Resistance
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Exercises for Range of Motion

Swap out your dumbbells or kettlebells for the ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube. This easy-to-use loop tubing provides a full range of motion with exercises.

Helps Build Muscles

Support flexibility and stretch muscles post-workout with the ExerBand 6 ft. Bilateral Tube. Whether users are trying to build muscle or tighten and tone, this resistance tube is the perfect workout tool.

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PrePak ExerBand

The ExerBand Difference

ExerBand tubing products are designed to meet a wide variety of rehab and fitness needs. Their portability and low cost make them ideal for use in the clinic, training room, home, office, and on the go. Available in a variety of configurations with five different color-coded resistance levels.