BodySport® Static Stretch Strap

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Made with durable, woven material, the BodySport Static Stretch Strap has multiple loops for progressive stretching. Length: 75". Includes Stretch Guide with detailed instructions.

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Versatility & Durability in One!

Experience a deeper stretch with the versatile and durable BodySport Static Stretch Strap! Design to help aid in therapeutic stretching, it is the perfect pre-workout and post-workout companion for your fitness routine.

BodySport Stretch Strap

High-Quality Materials


Designed for repeated use, this exercise strap is made from quality materials and manufactured to resist high-intensity stretching to hold up to frequent and intense use.

BodySport Stretch Strap

Grip with Ease


The easy-grip strap means a safer and more controlled stretch, helping you build flexibility and improve range of motion with a secure handhold.

BodySport Stretch Strap

Multiple Uses

Included with purchase is a Static Strap Stretch Guide, featuring directions and full-color photos on how to perform 19 stretches covering hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, inner and outer thighs, hips, IT band, biceps, triceps, and more.

BodySport Stretch Strap

The Perfect Length

Measuring 6 ft. in length, the Static Stretch Strap offers therapeutic stretching for a range of user heights and techniques.

Customizable Stretching to Your Needs

The multiple loops, or handles, down the length of the strap allow you to customize your stretch for your routine.

BodySport Stretch Strap
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Easy to Use Anywhere!

Enjoy a high-quality stretch wherever you go with the BodySport Static Stretch Strap! Its unique design and versatility allow it to be used for rehab, yoga, Pilates, and various fitness sessions, regardless if you’re in the gym, at home, or traveling abroad.

Best-in-Value Rehab Tools & Equipment

BodySport offers an exceptional value on therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation equipment. The brand accommodates the needs of healthcare professionals by offering affordable solutions without sacrificing quality.

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