Web Slide

Web Slide Exercise Rail – Measuring 28 inch x 6 inch - 1 Rail

GALVANIZED STEEL EXERCISE RAIL SET - These wall gym exercise rails provide multiple anchor points for attaching exercise devices that utilize PrePak's web anchor strap, including: resistance bands, resistance tubes and rope pulleys for stretching, strengthening and range of motion exercises. Mounted into a wall stud or concrete wall, these exercise rails provide a secure base for resistance exercises.

  • STURDY STEEL EXERCISE RAILS - The system's three steel exercise rails can be secured to a wall in one vertical row or separately. Each exercise rail measures 6 x 28 inches and has five points for anchoring exercise devices
  • ANCHOR POINTS - The five anchor points on each rail are spaced at 5-inch intervals. Installing the three rails in a single vertical row creates a total of 15 anchor points ranging in location from just off the floor to approximately seven feet high, enabling a variety of exercises for upper and lower body
  • VERSATILE - As an anchor for resistance tubes, stretching ropes and pulley exercisers, these exercise rails enable great versatility in the user's workout
  • EZ LOCK SAFETY SLIDE - This metal safety slide keeps the anchor strap inside the anchor point, no matter the angle of exercise, allowing the user to exercise without worrying about the band or rope disconnecting
  • MOUNTING HARDWARE - For securely mounting into a wood or metal wall stud, or in a concrete wall