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The science behind perfect cold therapy

The Science Behind Perfect Cold Therapy

To create the perfect cold therapy wrap the übertherm team started from the ground up, incorporating the scientific principles of thermal sensation and thermal conduction into every step of the design process. Let’s take a look at what those two things mean and how they led to the development of the perfect cold compression therapy experience. A little background and then we’ll make it all simple.

Too Much Cold Too Fast – The Chilling Facts

Numerous studies reveal that the use of traditional ice packs and wraps often does more harm than good. The bottom line is: If you don’t do it right, you are better off not doing it all.

And herein lies the problem: temperature, cooling rate, and duration vary wildly among the available ice packs and cold wraps, not to mention home remedies like ice cubes in a zip-lock bag. It almost seems as if it doesn’t matter, as long as we somehow ice our injured or inflamed body parts. But is this true? Unfortunately, no.

It Matters!

We all know that freezing temperatures can cause frostbite and nerve damage, sometimes severe. What is less known is that any time you freeze your skin or deeper tissues it causes micro-injury on a cellular level that is not visible from the outside. If you cool too much too fast, tiny ice crystals form in and around cells, damaging cells in three ways: (a) by sharp ice crystal shards cutting into cell membranes like razor blades into a balloon; (b) by leaving solutes behind, causing cell damage; and (c) by forming ice crystals inside cells, destroying delicate organelles.

How Does Your Body Respond?

Cells injured by ice crystals respond by releasing a multitude of pro-inflammatory mediators that start an injury response – the end result: more inflammation.

How can I make sure that I use ice in a way that helps me, and not in a way that injures me?

Think twice before you ice! It’s cooling, not freezing, that calms inflammation. Because freezing damages cells and prolongs healing, übertherm developed the Ice Pillow™ Technology, a unique thermal composite pocket that holds the cooling pack comfortably against your skin while regulating the thermal transfer in a way no ordinary ice pack does. It is a unique, sting-free, physiologically targeted cold therapy experience that helps your body heal faster, all while being soothing and enjoyable to wear instead of stinging and painful.  Take a look at the thermal pictures below:


Ice the right way. Ice with übertherm.

Übertherm’s safe and effective Ice PIllow™ Technology eliminates the discomfort and risks of using ice (stinging, burning, tissue injury, and worsening of inflammation) while providing deep, effective cold compression therapy. übertherm wraps deliver gradual cold that reaches the joints, muscles, and tendons without harmful freezing or the sting and burn of conventional ice packs. No more ice burned skin, no more fussing and adjusting, no more frozen muscles – just perfect cold; safer, gentler, and more effective than ever.

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