Lacrosse Balls NOCSAE - Orange Dozen

Play like a pro with Champion Sports NOCSAE Lacrosse Ball or use as recovery method in combination with your foam roller.

First it is designed to meet NOCSAE standards for professional play, this lacrosse ball is made from molded rubber to improve feel and accuracy when shooting. Made to meet all professional standards, this lacrosse ball can be used for practices, games, and tournaments at all experience levels.

Secondly, the small size of Champion Lacrosse Balls allow your team members or yourself to easily target and release trigger points in small muscle groups or joint pockets, like the biceps, calves under the shoulder blades and along the spine. The small surface area of the lacrosse ball, along with its rubber construction, will effectively disperse built up lactic acid and break down trigger points. Help your members practice correct self-myofascial release with a lacrosse ball both before and after exercise to reduce soreness and aid in active muscle recovery.

For Lacrosse

• Meets NOCSAE standards and is approved by the NCAA/NFHS, and SEI certified 
• Molded rubber construction provides improved feel and accuracy 
• Official size and weight 

Sold by Pack - 12 Balls

Color: Orange