Adrien Gagnon - Melatonin 3 mg

Adrien Gagnon 3 mg Melatonin - Extra-Strength Fast Acting Sleeping Aid, Mint Flavored, 100 Sublingual Tablets

  • FALL ASLEEP FASTER, STAY ASLEEP ALL NIGHT! Melatonin is one of the most effective natural sleeping aids and for natural aid to jetlag, insomnia and any other sleeping problems. Our extra strength tablet formula is best known for being effective and side-effect FREE! Our experts guarantee a groggy-free morning, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and awake.
  • MELATONIN is a naturally occurring hormone, which triggers the human body to feel the need to sleep. Melatonin supplements help the sleep-wake (circadian) cycle without the need of any over-the-counter medication. Your sleep is extremely important for your daily activities and crucial for your body’s metabolism.
  • OUR SPECIAL FORMULA contains 3 mg SUBLINGUAL tablets of quick-release & fast acting melatonin to facilitate falling asleep rapidly, allowing you to remain asleep all night long for a deep and comfortable sleep. see our 10 mg formula for a higher dose. Our products pass rigorous testing for the highest standard and are Canadian Quality guaranteed!
  • ADRIEN GAGNON is a proud Canadian company, providing consumers with the highest-quality natural products, vitamins and supplements. Our fans and customers are our most cherished asset, to whom we offer a promise of quality, satisfaction and health improvement. We understand how important your health is and stand by our 100% money back guarantee to vouch for your satisfaction.
  • USING NATURAL INGREDIENTS ONLY, we offer you a gluten free, non-GMO formula. Our sleeping aid is natural and does not cause dependence, meaning it doesn’t create a habit. Our promise to use natural products means we NEVER use harsh chemicals found in prescription medications. We believe our melatonin will help you rest, sleep and wake up feeling energized, rested and most importantly, satisfied.