Adrien Gagnon - Relaxen Day Formula

Daytime Stress Aid (Non-Drowsy Formula), 250 mg, 60 Capsules

A drowsiness-free relaxer that diminishes stress and its mental symptoms during the day to keep a clear and alert spirit despite stress. Ideal for stressful events where you must perform mentally. In Canada, dietary supplements are strongly regulated and each product must obtain its premarket approval from the government body, Health Canada. Quality, safety, and efficacy are assessed under very stringent criteria in addition to pharmaceutical-like GMP requirements. Adrien Gagnon is a brand you can trust for efficacy, safety and quality. Canadian Quality Guaranteed.

  • RELAXEN DAY FORMULA is a natural stress-aid, without pharmaceutical ingredients, to help with daily anxiety and stress. It allows optimal concentration even in stressful situations such as exams and stressful work days.
  • L-THEANINE is calming and does not cause drowsiness: it allows you to stay alert, focused, and performing despite mental pressure.
  • ADRIEN GAGNON is a proud Canadian company, providing consumers with the highest-quality natural products, vitamins and supplements. Our fans and customers are our most cherished asset, to whom we offer a promise of quality, satisfaction and health improvement. We understand how important your health is and stand by our 100% money back guarantee to vouch for your satisfaction
  • USING NATURAL INGREDIENTS ONLY, we offer you a gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian formula. Our drowsiness-free relaxer is natural and does not cause dependence, meaning it doesn’t create a habit. Our promise to use natural products means we NEVER use harsh chemicals found in prescription medications. We believe our relaxen will diminish stress and its mental symptoms during the day to keep a clear and alert spirit despite stress