Aetna Felt Metatarsal Pads 1/8˝ Thick

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Aetna Foot M-10 metatarsal pads are 1/8˝ thick, flesh-colored felt pads that provide protective padding under the ball of the foot to help prevent discomfort and reduce irritation from poorly fitting shoes, foot movement, friction, pressure, blisters, calluses and metatarsalgia.

They are made of a high-quality 70/30 wool/rayon blend that is durable and holds its height. The felt is backed with medical-grade, water-based acrylic adhesive to keep this foot pad in place. Sold in bulk packages of 100.

  • PROTECT METATARSAL AREA. These felt metatarsal pads measure 2-7/16˝ x 2-11/16˝ x 1/4˝ thick and offer protective orthopedic padding for the ball-of-foot area located right below the toes.
  • REDISTRIBUTE WEIGHT. These ball of foot cushions help transfer weight away from problem areas to eliminate pressure.
  • PROVIDE FOOT COMFORT. These metatarsal pads for women and men help alleviate foot discomfort caused by metatarsalgia, blisters and calluses, and also help reduce irritation from friction, bruises and sore spots.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL. These felt metatarsal pads are made of a high-quality 70/30 wool/rayon blend that is durable and resists becoming compressed.
  • STAY IN PLACE. These foot cushion pads are backed with medical grade, acrylic, water-based adhesive so they stay in place to provide reliable foot discomfort.