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Improve Your Balance

Improve your balance and train your core with the BodySport® Balance Disc. Perfect for introductory balance training, the disc features a different texture on each side to help prevent you from slipping and to vary your workout difficulty. One side is smooth, and the other is tactile.

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Your Difficulty

The balance disc can be deflated to 1" thickness or inflated to 2" thickness for maximum comfort and to vary the difficulty level of your workout. It inflates with a standard pump.

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Use Standing
or Sitting

Use the equipment for balance and stability exercises while standing or sitting. The 17.5" disc is roomy enough to stand on with both feet.

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For Beginners
and Advanced Users

The versatility of this balance trainer makes it suitable for every fitness level—beginner to advanced athlete.

Sit in Comfort

In addition to exercise, use the balance disc while sitting in your home office on desk chairs to promote posture and alleviate discomfort that may occur from traditional office chairs.

BodySport Balance Disc - Product image
BodySport Balance Disc - woman working out on disc sitting on ball

Multiple Uses

The BodySport Balance Disc is similar to other fitness balls used for stability and balance as it provides dynamic engagement to activate the major muscle groups of the body when seated or standing.

For Strength & Balance Training

Perfect for toning muscles, this inflatable disc can be used for strength training, balance training, and more. Its unstable surface can be used anywhere to strengthen your core while improving balance.

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