Body Sport® Resistance Tubes

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Stop Resisting & Start Training Perfect for any fitness level. Designed to strengthen the entire body, you can perform a range of exercises from tricep extensions to kneeling crunches with these durable tubes. 

Manufacturing process creates a tube that will hold up to frequent and intense uses!

  • STRETCHES SMOOTHLY. Body Sport resistance tubes are made of natural latex rubber, which provides a smooth, comfortable and consistent stretch.
  • VERSATILE. Body Sport resistance tubing can be used to shape and tone your entire body. Use this popular brand of fitness tube for triceps extensions, bench presses, bicep curls, squats, kneeling crunches and many more exercises.
  • DURABLE. Quality materials and manufacturing create a resistance tube that will hold up to frequent and intense use.
  • COMFORTABLE. Body Sport exercise tubes have reinforced foam cushioned handles that are larger than most, making them more comfortable to use.
  • ECONOMICAL. Because Body Sport resistance tubes allow you to perform such a wide range of exercises, you can tone your entire body without having to buy free weights or expensive equipment.