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Improve Flexibility with BodySport®

The BodySport Fitness Ball is designed to strengthen, stretch, and tone all major muscle groups. This polypropylene exercise ball is designed to help enhance coordination while improving flexibility. Whether you are working out on your own at home or at a fitness facility, the BodySport Fitness Ball can be used for a wide variety of exercises. With its gently ridged surface, this fitness ball has improved grip for all of your training needs.

Total Body Workout

Use the BodySport Fitness Ball to build core strength, agility, and balance. It’s a low-impact piece of fitness equipment designed for total body workouts at the gym or at home.

Pair this Exercise Ball with These Workouts

  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Single-leg bridges
  • Knee tucks
  • Planks
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Versatile Fitness Tool

The BodySport Fitness Ball can be used as an add-on to a variety of workouts within your routine. It is designed to challenge the stability of your pelvis, hips, lower back, and abdomen.

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Improve Your Posture

Swap out your office chair for the BodySport Fitness Ball. Sitting on an exercise ball while you work may help to improve posture.

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Pregnancy Support

This fitness ball from BodySport can be used as an exercise aid or support. Use the BodySport Fitness Ball with a variety of exercises during pregnancy or birthing.

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Daily Workout Aid

Support your workouts with the BodySport Fitness Ball. This total-body workout tool can be used daily to strengthen the core and stretch the back. The BodySport Fitness Ball is easy to clean after core-strengthening exercises.

Affordable, High-Quality Rehab Essentials

BodySport offers an exceptional value on therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation equipment. The brand accommodates the needs of healthcare professionals by offering affordable solutions without sacrificing quality.

  • Cost-effective, reliable products
  • Designed for patient rehabilitation
  • Ideal for healthcare professionals
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