Bodyline Back-Huggar - The Original Lumbar Cushion, Black

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If you're among the 70 million Americans who suffer chronic back discomfort and fatigue, discover phenomenal comfort with Back-Huggar, the nation's original lumbar support cushion. Back-Huggar's anatomical design has provided tremendous aid for millions of back discomfort sufferers. Unlike other lumbar devices, which merely cushion, the Back-Huggar supports laterally and vertically providing the ultimate in soothing lumbar spine support. Back-Huggar is a vital travel companion -- making any auto seat more comfortable and providing maximum, soothing support on long trips. So, say good-bye to a tired, aching, low back. Take advantage of Back-Huggar's natural support today and leave lumbar discomfort behind.

  • Measures 13" x 14" x 4.5"
  • Aids low back disc pressure, reducing fatigue
  • Unique 2-plane shape supports laterally and vertically
  • Actually improves posture while sitting
  • Sanitary cellophane shrink packaged