BodyMed® 2-Ply Drape Sheets – White Disposable Paper Drape Sheets for Nonsurgical Draping – case of 100 Sheets – 40-Inch x 48-Inch

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BodyMed® 2-Ply Drape Sheets

Offer Comfort & Privacy

The BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets are designed for nonsurgical draping, offering comfort and privacy. These patient drape sheets are hygienic, disposable, and durable, making them the ideal choice for all of a user’s nonsurgical draping needs. Made with convenience in mind, the BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets can be discarded after each visit. These soft, yet sturdy white drape sheets help prevent cross contamination while providing comfort to patients.

2-Ply Drape Sheets - Soft and Durable

Soft, Yet Durable

These full-length drape sheets from BodyMed are 2-ply and opaque, making them soft, strong, and protective.

BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets - Modest Protection

Modest Protection

The BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets are ideal for maintaining user comfort while protecting their modesty in a nonsurgical healthcare setting.

BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets

Convenient to Use

These single-use, nonsurgical drape sheets are 60" x 40" and sold in a case of 100 sheets.

Multiple Uses

Multipurpose Sheets

The BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets can be used during nonsurgical exams to protect users, equipment, or bedding.

Drape Sheets Can Be Used In:

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians’ Offices
  • Clinics
  • Ambulances
  • Medical Wards


Use the BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets to offer comfort and privacy to users. These disposable sheets are single-use, which means you don’t have to worry about laundering.

BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets - Single-Use
BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets - Durable Coverage

Two Layers of Durable Coverage

Stock your facility with two layers of durable coverage and protection with the BodyMed 2-Ply Drape Sheets.

Best-In-Value Products

For more than a decade, BodyMed has been providing healthcare professionals with reliable, affordable products for patient care and clinic operations. BodyMed is synonymous with quality and cost-effective utility, which is why you’ll find BodyMed products in clinics across the country.

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