Dr. Richard Wurtman's Sleep Answer


Unlike ordinary melatonin supplements, Sleep Answer's cutting-edge "capsule-in-capsule" technology delivers 2 optimal doses of melatonin at the right time. The outer capsule releases the first 0.3 mg dose of melatonin when you're ready for bed. Then, 3 to 4 hours later its inner capsule releases a 0.6 dose of melatonin as extra insurance that you'll sleep restfully through the night. Studies of melatonin at the ideal mg dose found it:

  • IMPROVES SLEEP EFFICIENCY UP TO 88% (how much time you actually spend sleeping when you're in bed). Decades of research and clinical trials uncovered the fact that too much melatonin can actually overload melatonin receptors in the brain. In essence, this drowns them in so much melatonin they are no longer able to process it properly.
  • REDUCES RESTLESSNESS, TOSSING AND TURNING BY A FULL 50%. This is a very common condition linked to low melatonin. There's not enough melatonin telling your brain it's time to go to sleep, so your brain isn't telling your body either. Sleep Answer's precise level of melatonin has been shown in clinical studies to reduce restlessness by a full 50% for dramatically more peaceful, comfortable sleep!
  • LESSENS NIGHTTIME WAKING BY UP TO 65%. And you go back to sleep quickly if you do wake.
  • Developed by Dr. Richard Wurtman, America's leading natural sleep expert. 0.9 mg of melatonin is the ideal dose for men and women over 50. Less than 1 mg of melatonin is not associated with melatonin morning/daytime grogginess, or "hangovers" often found with higher doses. So, you'll wake up refreshed, never groggy.

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