Enzyme Science MyoMend

Size:60 |  Product Packaging:Frustration-Free Packaging

MyoMend supports the body's natural healing process triggered by overexertion from exercise. Our formula encourages this natural process with a blend of enzymes and rutin to support circulation, blood flow, and to help muscles and tissue repair faster after strenuous exercise. Specifically, enzymes like serratiopeptidase help maintain a balance of the fluid healthy joints need to move comfortably. Push your body to the limits and come back strong with help from MyoMend.

  • PUT YOURSELF BACK TOGETHER: MyoMend is a vegetarian blend of enzymes and rutin supporting the body's natural healing process for overexerted muscles, tissues, and joints.
  • BREAK IT DOWN: Our formula supports the body's natural healing process for tissues to promote joint recovery.
  • BREATHE AND HEAL: Enzymes like nattokinase and bromelain support circulation to deliver the oxygen and nutrients your body needs to heal.
  • FREEDOM TO MOVE : Comfortable joint movement depends on a balance of interstitial fluid, which the enzyme serratiopeptidase helps maintain.
  • PRACTITIONER READY: We're dedicated to providing exceptional enzyme blends that go beyond digestive health to benefit the whole body.