FreezeSleeve Cold Therapy Compression Sleeve

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Freeze Sleeve in black is the patent-pending cold therapy compression sleeve that is an innovative, American-made product. 

The team over at Freeze Sleeve enhanced the modern compression sleeve into a super easy to use convenient cold therapy device. Designed for anyone of all ages, the Freeze Sleeve comes in six sizes, and can be used for 360 degrees of compression coverage on different areas of both the arms and legs.

For anyone looking for relief who has struggled with the constant management and mess of traditional ice bags and wraps, the Freeze Sleeve offers simply the best option on the market to help you with your recovery. 

How it works is quick and easy by storing the sleeve in your freezer (minimum two hours), then—after a workout or for any treatment—slip it over the desired treatment area for 20 minutes of cold therapy. No Ice bags ever!


  • USA Made
  • Compression Fabric Sleeve with Specially Formulated Anti-Microbial Gel
  • 100% Leak Proof
  • Flexible  -20 Degrees F
  • Store in freezer a minimum of 2 hours before use
  • Can assist with Joint and Muscular Discomfort in Knees, Elbows, Ankle