Greens First® Lean™ Protein 5 Plus Dietary Supplement – Protein Powder with Whey Protein, Collagen Protein and MCT Oil – Nutritional Supplement

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  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS. Protein 5 Plus is part of the Greens First LEAN complete line of nutritional supplements formulated to support healthy weight loss and weight management.
  • FIVE KEY INGREDIENTS. This protein powder dietary supplement is a blend of three specialized proteins, one keto fat, and one superfood fiber. It provides 21 grams of protein per serving.
  • TIME-RELEASED PROTEIN. This protein supplement’s special blend of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Collagen Protein and Egg White Protein is naturally time released for long lasting fullness. Hydrolyzed whey protein, in this supplement in the purest form available, supports muscle development and fullness. Cold Filtered egg white protein supports long-lasting fullness. Collagen protein supports skin and joints.*
  • MCT FOR ENERGY. Medium-chain triglycerides, the healthiest fat, helps stimulate the burning of your own body fat for energy and keeps you feeling full.*
  • PREBIOTIC BLEND. Protein 5 Plus contains a prebiotic blend to support healthy digestion, plus superfood fiber to nourish your digestive flora while helping you to feel full longer.*