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Enjoy Premium Pure 100% Jojoba!

Experience 100% pure Jojoba for yourself! Made without use of additional heat or any chemicals in the pressing, HobaCare’s Jojoba has a light, first-pressed quality that sets their jojoba apart from everyone else. HobaCare extracts ~38% of the jojoba from the seed while other brands extract a higher percentage, resulting in jojoba that is sticky, tacky, thick, and more strongly scented. At HobaCare, they only sell first press, unrefined, 100% pure golden jojoba.

HobaCare Jojoba Guarantee

  • Pesticide Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Nonallergenic
  • Paraben Free

Statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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Experience Pure Jojoba

Pure jojoba is a liquid wax ester akin to the esters humans produce in their skin. The word "jojoba" (pronounced ho-HO-ba) refers both to the desert plant and the extract obtained from its seed. Jojoba is NOT oil. Our jojoba absorbs more readily into the skin and leaves no tacky residue behind.

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First-Press Quality

Hobacare Jojoba is made from first-press, unrefined, golden liquid jojoba expeller pressed from jojoba seeds and absolutely nothing else!

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the Skin

Apply HobaCare all over the body immediately after bathing to help soothe skin and restore elasticity to any dry areas while conditioning and softening the skin.

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Hair, Beard,
& Scalp Care

HobaCare helps condition hair and scalp, prevent dryness, and restore manageability. It can also help relieve babies' cradle cap. Plus, it makes a perfect beard oil for use on beards/facial hair!

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Endless Possibilities

Hobacare Jojoba is used by aestheticians, cosmetologists, skincare professionals, chiropractors, massage professionals, and more for a variety of treatments thanks to its amazing versatility and purity. #HowDoYouHobacare?

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An Aromatherapy Essential

HobaCare Jojoba is an ideal carrier or base for essential oils and perfumes. Adding essential oils to HobaCare enriches one's experience with the product, whether it is used to condition skin, scalp, and hair or for massage!

Easy to Use!

Our mantra is "less is better". We strongly encourage you to use our product a drop at a time until you're fully familiar with the way it works on your skin. In order to understand the significance of "less is better," place a small drop of HobaCare Jojoba on the back of your hand. Massage it in. Notice that it spreads easily and absorbs readily. You want the product to absorb because that's how it works best—by softening and conditioning the skin.

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