Home Ranger Knee Pulley - Restoring Range of Motion for Knee Patients

HOME RANGER KNEE PULLEY - Developed by physical therapist Ron Handshoe, creator of the Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley, the Home Ranger Knee Pulley makes it easy for knee patients to perform knee rehabilitation exercises at home. By enabling knee flexion and extension exercises, this knee pulley relieves joint pressure and discomfort and helps restore range of motion after knee replacement surgery or in knees affected by osteoarthritis.

  • SIMPLE - The Home Ranger Knee Pulley includes a neoprene Handshoe Foot Hammock, which secures around the foot and ankle, and a simple, door-anchored rope and pulley system to pull the leg forward or back for extension or flexion exercises
  • PATIENT-CONTROLLED - The Home Ranger's design allows the patient to control the amount of joint distraction applied as well as the range of motion
  • CONVENIENT - The Home Ranger can be used anywhere there is a door. It can also be attached to any Web-Slide Exercise System unit
  • COMPLETE - The Home Ranger includes an exercise booklet with clear direction for performing the exercises for optimal results
  • TRACKING SYSTEM - Patients can record their exercise sessions online at www.kneepulley.com to better track their rehab efforts