NASALCEASE Stop Bleeding STERILE 5 Count 2 Pack

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Originally cleared for minor nosebleeds, NasalCEASE(R) became the # 1 doctor recommended over-the-counter product. Now NasalCEASE is also cleared for stopping minor topical bleeding. NasalCEASE is easy to use for stopping bleeding.

  • NasalCEASE is a natural based polymer, calcium alginate, derived from brown seaweed and through a proprietary process is manufactured into a unique stop bleeding product.
  • Stops nosebleed quickly As soon as NasalCEASE comes in contact with blood, calcium ions are released. Calcium is a clotting factor (Factor IV), which accelerates coagulation, stopping the nosebleed quickly.
  • The soft fibers of NasalCEASE allow it to be quickly and easily inserted into the nasal cavity without any discomfort.
  • NasalCEASE continues to absorb blood throughout the duration of the nosebleed. This allows the nosebleed sufferer to insert NasalCEASE and forget about it until recommended removal, thirty minutes later.
  • As NasalCEASE absorbs blood, the sodium ions in the blood changes the packing from a dry mass into a moist or gelified mass. The moistness of the mass against the wound site promotes healing.