Nubax Trio Portable Back Traction Device

Back Comforter for Spinal Decompression At Home 

This patented, FDA-approved back traction device provides gentle but firm traction for effective treatment of spinal discomfort from a wide range of chronic back problems. As the user leans forward in the Nubax Trio, it decompresses and stretches the spine, creating a separation between the vertebrae to aid pressure on the spinal discs and nerves. This portable traction device’s simple design allows the average person to use it safely at home, yet healthcare providers will find it useful for their clinic patients as well. This simple, lightweight device can be assembled in 10 minutes.

The Nubax Trio helps to:

  • Aid lower back discomfort
  • Maintain a healthy back
  • Perform physically demanding activity
  • Maintain mobility and a healthy lifestyle

A functional therapeutic device that provides traction therapy, the NuBax Trio can be effective in:

  • Occupational health
  • Sport and exercise
  • Injury prevention
  • Relaxation

Key benefits of Nubax Trio include:

  • Can be a beneficial adjunct to a wide range of popular forms of therapy
  • Ability for users to apply traction to the spine under their complete control
  • Provides a credible alternative to intermittent (cyclical) traction
  • Gentle but strong static traction force
  • Maintains a correctly aligned spine while stretch is applied between shoulders and pelvis
  • Easy to use and fully portable
  • Drug-free
  • EFFECTIVE. The Nubax Trio decompresses the spine, separating the vertebrae and helping to lift the spinal discs away from the nerve. Studies indicate that using the Nubax Trio helps to comfort lower back discomfort better than relying solely on manipulation.
  • EASY TO USE. The Nubax Trio requires minimal effort from the user, and causes no joint strain. Leaning forward in the Nubax decompresses and stretches the spine, creating a separation between the vertebrae, aiding pressure on spinal discs and nerves.
  • PORTABLE. Compact and light, this unit is easy to move, transport and store.
  • DRUG-FREE. Helps to alleviate discomfort without medication, cortisone shots or surgery.
  • FACE-FORWARD. This device provides many of the benefits of inversion therapy, but doesn’t require the user to hang upside down. The user leans forward over the device to achieve spinal decompression.