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Enjoy 100% Organic Tea with Prince of Peace!

Prince of Peace’s 100% Organic Green Tea is made from freshly harvested leaves that are young and tender. Jasmine Green Tea is made through a special infusion process where the fragrance from jasmine petals are infused into green tea, and then the tea is dried. The leaves go through a pan-frying process common to Chinese green teas for a richer taste and a darker color. Enjoy pure organic tea with Prince of Peace!

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Natural Health Benefits

Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties that have many natural health benefits.

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Lower Caffeine than Coffee

A typical cup of green tea contains approximately 20 mg–30 mg of caffeine while a cup of coffee ranges from 100 mg–180 mg.

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Organic Only

Prince of Peace’s Organic Jasmine Green Tea is made with only organic green tea leaves with jasmine infusion for a pure and delicious tea drinking experience!

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Drink It Hot

Simply place one tea bag in a 6 fl. oz. cup and add hot water. Let steep for 3–5 minutes before drinking. Sweeten to taste—we recommend using Prince of Peace® Honey Crystals.

Certified ECOCERT Organic

Prince of Peace organic teas are certified organic by ECOCERT ICO, USA, meaning these tea leaves meet or exceed ECOCERT’s organic certification requirements. Established in France in 1991, ECOCERT ICO is accredited by the USDA.

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Tea for Life

Tea has been enjoyed for several thousand years. In many countries, it is a part of the culture, everyday life, and even regarded as an art form. Tea brings people together, is relaxing, and is good for your health. Plus, it is loaded with antioxidants to support a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Green Tea

  • Less caffeine than coffee.
  • May help improve brain function.
  • May help to reduce bad breath.
  • Rich in polyphenols to help with inflammation.

About Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace was founded in 1985 with a passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle by offering you a variety of high-quality products. Established as a trusted brand in the health and wellness market, Prince of Peace has the products you need to support healthy habits.

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