rareEARTH Aromatherapy Oil, Breathe Ease

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The Breathe Ease Blend is a special mist of essential oils for colds. Use the Breathe Ease Blend in an essential oil diffuser, through steam inhalation, or with a carrier oil rubbed on the chest. Breathe deep and enjoy the gentle comfort from congestion and cold symptoms.

  • Get comfort from nasal congestion, cold symptoms and difficulty breathing with this special blend of essential oils.
  • Breathe Ease provides gentle comfort for congestion when used in an essential oils diffuser.
  • Steam inhalation is another way to enjoy this blend of 100% pure essential oils.
  • This special blend of essential oils can also be mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed on the chest to clear congestion.
  • 5 mL bottle of essential oils for colds.