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English Peppermint is a luxury product thought to be the best peppermint available. This essential oil is great for easing nausea, to refresh after a long day or even as a natural, organic insect repellent. This 5 mL bottle of peppermint essential oils can be applied directly on the skin, mixed with lotions, added to a bath, or enjoyed in an essential oil diffuser.

  • Peppermint oil can be used to ease nausea, aid headaches and help you refresh after a long day with an essential oil diffuser.
  • This 100% pure essential oil is organic and offers a fresh, powerful, and sweet scent.
  • For aromatherapy, use this 5 mL bottle in an essential oil diffuser to fill your home with refreshing peppermint scents.
  • Use only the best peppermint essential oil. English Peppermint is sourced from India is the highest quality peppermint. Besides being great for aromatherapy, it is used in after-dinner mints and liqueurs because it offers a smooth rounded oil.
  • Use all natural peppermint essential oils on the skin with a carrier oil as an organic insect repellant for safe and fun outdoor activity free from chemicals and toxins.