rareEARTH Aromatherapy Oil, Stress Less

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Use rareESSENCE's Stress Less Blend of essential oils to release anxiety and bring calm and peace to the mind. This is a wonderful blend to use in an essential oils diffuser during yoga or meditation, or to keep in the desk drawer for stressful days at the office.

  • This 100% pure essential oil product was blended by expert aromatherapists to relieve stress.
  • Use aromatherapy to relax by inhaling this blend using an essential oils diffuser.
  • Relax and stay calm during your commute or long trips with the kids by adding this essential oils blend to a car diffuser or cotton ball when you re on the road.
  • Enhance yoga and meditation practices with this calming essential oils blend specifically designed to quiet the mind.
  • It only takes a few drops of this 5 mL bottle to turn a stressful day into a good day.