Str8-n-Up Posture Training Band

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The Str8-n-Up posture training band is designed to retrain, remind and realign the body into proper posture. The concept centers around muscle memory.

Wear this training band for 30 minutes each day to start conditioning you to be more aware of what proper form feels like so you can correct your posture and keep it in check even when not wearing the band.

NOTE: Wearing during exercise is not recommended. Any rigorous and/or continuous shoulder movements during activities will cause the straps to slip off the shoulders.

Can be worn up to 30 minutes:
  • During lunch or coffee breaks at the office or workplace.
  • Before or after any physical activity (yoga, exercising, Pilates, walking/running, etc.).
  • During or after video gaming sessions.
  • After driving or traveling long hours.
  • Any time you want to de-stress and stretch out the neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Between breast feedings to relax tensed muscles and re-correct postural form.
  • Before a game of golf for a relaxed and consistently correct form.