Stroops Knock Out - Mid-Level

Striking with the upper body to most seems to come with relative ease. However the true power in a strike and form is a trained skill when dominating sport. The Knock Out Punch by Stroops is a tool used to develop the proper body mechanics & eliminate common errors in poor striking… even for the advanced striker. When striking, there is a constant pull from behind requiring the use of abdominal muscles to contract. If the abdominals are not contracting with resistance the upper body is out of position as the athlete tends to lean forward putting stress on the shoulders & losing technical form. However, when striking this resistance is extremely important as the athlete gets a feeling of the strike generating through the ground. All muscles are incorporated as the strike finishes with a “snap”. Striking however does not finish with the extension, but rather bringing the hands back inside for protection from a potential counter punch or to load up for an additional strike/combination