The Rope - A Stretching Device – Rope For Flexibility Workouts

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THE ROPE STRETCHING DEVICE - The Rope is a simple stretching device that helps add flexibility to muscles and joints, allowing a person to enjoy greater range of motion. Used for stretching routines, it provides gentle traction for the shoulders and thoracolumbar spine. By gradually applying more body weight during flexibility workouts, the user can enhance joint play and maximize the mobility of the ribs and chest wall. The Rope helps to relax tight muscles, relieve muscle spasms, improve posture, loosen adhesions, and improve elasticity. It is lightweight, portable, and low cost, making it an ideal device for home use, enabling patients to allowing patients to build upon the progress they make in the clinic. - The Rope is not recommended for patients over 300 lbs.

  • DESIGNED TO SAFELY STAY IN PLACE - The Rope incorporates a non-slip safety feature into door-anchoring web strap. This specially designed Rubber Head feature allows the Web-Strap to be placed over the top or along the side of any standard door, allowing for a greater range of exercise elevations and positions
  • REINFORCED ROPE - Custom braided rope will not fray, flatten or unravel with repeated use
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES - The firm, latex-free handles at each end of the rope are custom molded to fit comfortably inside the palm, to prevent irritation and increase effectiveness
  • ROPE STRETCHING ROUTINE GUIDE - Pamphlet with clear, step-by-step instructions for rope assisted stretching
  • The Rope is not recommended for patients over 300 lbs