Wedge Effect Non-Slip Grip Bottom Workout Equipment

Wedge Effect Fitness Wedges are scientifically designed for every way you work out: strength training, yoga, Crossfit, HIIT, and more.

  • Improve Yoga Stretches / Stretching: The Stretch Wedge shape is a narrower, shorter and softer version of our wildly famous Workout Wedge and other yoga exercise blocks! Designed to be gripped in one hand, the Stretch Wedge offers increased flexibility and improves spinal alignment for deeper and longer stretches
  • Contours To Your Hands: The purpose of its unique contours is to provide a more comfortable, deeper and effective posture. Try it today and you will discover that it is hands down best option when compared to other standard sports bricks
  • Achieve That Yoga Pose: By using the Stretch Wedge, you are able to achieve balance and stability just by using your hands alone; making countless yoga poses and core routines possible and effortless
  • Non-Slip Surface: These Pair of Wedges come with our proprietary, non-slip bottom which ensures a safe workout or stretch experience no matter what surface it is used on