Rubber Resistance Tubes, Bands, Wedges, and Pilates Rings for Resistance Training

February 27, 2019

Take your workout further with top quality resistance tubes and resistance bands.

These workout bands are the perfect addition to any fitness facility and home. Resistance tube exercises and workouts are designed to strengthen the entire body. Users can perform a wide range of resistance tubing exercises from tricep extensions to kneeling crunches with these durable resistance bands. Resistance tube kits, such as the Body Sport® Resistance Tube Kit, come with clips on the handles of the resistance tubing for a better grip and more control, allowing for deeper stretching and strengthening. The best exercise bands are available in different resistance levels, typically ranging from extra light to extra heavy. The multi-levels of resistances mean that anyone can use these workout bands for full body resistance workouts, regardless of the user’s experience level.

In addition to resistance tubing and resistance band training, workout wedges and Pilates rings can also help increase performance and flexibility for powerful workouts. Workout wedges can be used to improve yoga stretches and stretching, offering increased flexibility and improved spinal alignment for deeper and longer stretches. Pilates rings are useful for strength training during Pilates workouts as this Pilates equipment provides ample support and stabilization. Pilates ring workouts and exercises introduce abdominal and leg exercises focused on balance, flexibility, strength, and posture, resulting in increased stamina, energy, and mobility. These resistance rings are engineered to combine durability, flexibility, and comfort, allowing users to get the most of every Pilates ring workout.

ARE is proud to offer high quality resistance bands and resistance tubes as well as Pilates rings and wedge workout equipment from leading brands like Body Sport® and ExerBand.