HearRight Dream Soft Ear Plugs – Foam Ear Plugs For Women – (3-Pack)

  • IDEAL FOR WOMEN. HearRight Dream Soft Ear Plugs are smaller to fit more comfortably in women’s ears.
  • ADVANCED MULTILAYER DESIGN. Ultra soft foam inner layer – formed around a sound-dampening core – is sealed with a washable outer layer, providing comfort and convenience.
  • BLOCKS SNORING SOUND. A Noise Reduction Rating of 23 makes Ultra Soft Ear Plugs effective ear plugs for snoring. Their SoundX Sound Dampening Core. Reduces vibration 30% more than traditional plastics.
  • EASY FIT DESIGN. Patented easy-fit push-button design eliminates rolling, re-fitting and contamination of ear plugs.
  • GELFOAM INNER LAYER. These ear plugs’ waterproof, washable and ultra soft GelFoam inner layer seals out dirt and provides a comfortable fit. It can be washed 100+ times.