Facial-Flex® Flex Bands Pack - 8 oz Intermediate


The Facial Flex facial exercise and toning kit is a breakthrough device that can help you to strengthen all 30 of the muscles that support your face, chin and jaw. These FDA-registered facial exercise devices use progressive resistance to affect change, gradually improving muscle tone, defining facial contours, minimizing sagging tissue and increasing overall muscle strength. Because the Facial Flex Ultra device relies on resistance to deliver its unparalleled results, it's necessary to replace your exerciser's Facial Flex bands. Over time, the Facial Flex rubber bands can lose their strength, reducing the pull needed to strengthen and tone the face, chin and neck. Placing new Facial Flex bands on the exerciser once every week will help you continue to reap the benefits of the Facial Flex face lift actions. With this pack of Facial Flex replacement bands, you'll receive enough bands to use your Facial Flex Ultra for 3 months.

The Facial Flex bands 8 oz. option offers an intermediate tension level for those who have progressed beyond the 6 oz. beginners' bands included with the Facial Flex exercise device. Once you find that workouts with the 8 oz. bands are easy to complete, you can move onto the Facial Flex bands 14 oz. advanced pack. Like the bands that accompany the facial exerciser, these Facial Flex resistance bands are made from strong materials that resist breakage when stretched to the limit. Stock up on the Facial Flex bands to continue to reap the benefits of your facial exerciser. Order the Facial Flex bands 8 oz. replacement pack now. "

  • All Facial-Flex® products are shipped with the 'Authentic Facial-Flex® Product' Seal that contains the signature, trademarked logo along with the product's Tracer ID#
  • Designed to fit the Facial Flex Ultra facial toning exerciser
  • Pack includes a 3-month supply of Facial Flex resistance bands
  • Facial Flex bands 8 oz. is ideal for intermediate users
  • Replace bands once per week to maintain effectiveness