Body Furnace Wearable Electronic Heating Device – Abdominal Heat Pad for Warming The Core – Cordless Heated Wrap

  • Advanced Technology – The Body Furnace’s patented thermal reflective technology provides reliable, adjustable heating that enables the entire body, including extremities, to stay warm.
  • Core-Warming – Universal strap with hook-and-loop closures lets you secure this heating belt over your core area (abdominals). The Body Furnace directs heat to the core, allowing the body to maintain a stable temperature. When your core gets cold, the blood vessels in your limbs automatically constrict to minimize heat loss. Body Furnace helps prevent heat loss in that area, which keeps your blood flowing to your extremities and your fingers and toes warm.
  • Manual or App Control – The unit’s temperature can be adjusted manually between 100°F, 120°F and 140°F. The free Body Furnace Thermostat app lets you customize the temperature and Bluetooth connectivity lets you conveniently adjust it without removing your outer layer.
  • Use Anywhere – Designed to perform in extreme conditions, the Body Furnace’s rugged construction and core-warming power make it perfect for camping, winter sports and activities, outdoor sporting events, even a chilly garage or work site.
  • Rechargeable – The Body Furnace electric heating wrap can be charged by plugging it into any wall outlet. All three LEDs will glow when charging is complete. Depending on use, a single charge can provide power for up to 10 hours.