BodyMed Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack, Knee/Shoulder, 10-Inch X 20-Inch

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BodyMed® Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack

Supports & Aids Sore Muscles

Help support and aid tight and sore muscles and joints with the BodyMed Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack. Designed for professional use, this hot pack can be used on arms, legs, neck, and shoulders. Double stitched for durability and strength, the BodyMed Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack is built to last and will not spill onto surfaces.

Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack - Safe on Skin

Skin-Safe Fabric for Daily Use

The BodyMed Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack is designed with skin-safe fabric so it is comfortable to use daily.

Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack - Targeted Therapy

Targeted Therapy

Depending on the body part you are using the hot pack with, you can adjust treatment times based on your need and level of comfort.

Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack - Sit and Relax

Relax Anywhere

Use the BodyMed Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack while you are watching TV, sitting at a desk, or relaxing after an exercise.

Multiple Sizes for Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack

Moist Heat Therapy

The BodyMed Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack offers moist heat therapy to support soreness and tightness throughout the body.

Available Sizes

  • Half: 5" x 12"
  • Knee/Shoulder: 10" x 20"
  • Large: 10" x 16"
  • Neck: 22"
  • Oversized: 15" x 24"
  • Standard: 10" x 12"
  • X-Large: 10" x 24"

Durable for Repeated Use

Built to last, the BodyMed Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack is durable enough for daily use. Reuse this hot pack to support sore muscles and joints.

Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack - Durable for Repeated Use
Pro-Temp Hydro Hot Pack - On-The-Go Relief - Portable

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