Jobri BetterPosture® Seat Wedge with Removable Coccyx Cutout

BETTERPOSTURE SEAT WEDGE WITH REMOVABLE COCCYX CUT-OUT This angled chair cushion is designed for posture support to relieve and help prevent lower back discomfort. Its removable coccyx cut-out makes it an excellent tailbone cushion too. Constructed of a polyurethane foam base with a 1” top layer of memory foam, it provides an excellent combination of softness and custom, body-adaptive support.

  • TAPERED ANGLE. Wedge shape encourages correct posture; helps relieve discomfort and prevent injury. Wedge tapers from 4" down to 1.5"
  • MEMORY FOAM. 1” viscoelastic foam layer over a polyurethane foam core provides comfortable softness, creates a custom, body-fitting shape
  • COCCYX CUT-OUT. Can be removed as needed to reduce spinal pressure. (Cutout is hidden by cover.)
  • TWILL COVER. Zippered cover is made of washable, durable twill material
  • CONVENIENT SIZE. Flat dimensions of 17” x 13” allow this wedge to be used with most chairs and seats