Jobri Backtone Posture Training Device

Backtone Posture Training Device. Designed by an Occupational Therapist, the BackTone can be worn 20 minutes at a time and within a few weeks you'll have developed better posture habits. Worn like a backpack over clothing, this lightweight posture training product can help teach correct spinal alignment. Every time you slouch, the shoulder straps of BackTone pull on the device and sound a buzzer or cause the unit to vibrate. The only way to stop the sound is to straighten up. Continue with your activity, straightening up every time BackTone beeps or vibrates. Your body quickly becomes accustomed to using correct posture. You can also choose a short vibration option for use in situations where noise is an issue. The BackTone can be used sitting, standing, or walking. Wear BackTone for 20 minute training sessions daily. Batteries Required (one Lithium Coin) included. Materials: Polyester Webbing and Polypropylene Buckles.