TimTam Hot and Cold Tips Bundle - 2 Cold Tip Attachments and 2 Hot Tip Attachments

The TimTam Hot and Cold Tip Bundle is the perfect accessory to take your TimTam massager to the next level. The Hot and Cold Tips easily thread on to the TimTam massagers giving the massager an all new dimension. Simply microwave the red (hot) tips for no more than 15 seconds or freeze the blue (cold) tips until ready to use.

  • THERAPEUTIC: Delivers targeted percussive massage to deeply massage and loosen muscles or work on problem areas.
  • FAVORABLE: Delivers percussive massage to warm up muscle groups.
  • DURABLE: Hot & Cold tips are strong, lightweight and durable.
  • SECURE: Threads securely onto the TimTam Power Massager's
  • POWERFUL: Transfers the therapeutic energy of up to 2000 strokes per minute