TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro – Handheld Percussion Massager - With Heat

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Improve Your Muscle Recovery with TimTam Pro Massager!

Take your recovery to the next level with the PowerMassager PRO, an ultra-sophisticated therapy device that features three preset deep tissue levels and a total of five massage modes for an optimal recovery experience. This state-of-the-art massager features antimicrobial plastic surfaces to prevent cross contamination between users, so you can easily keep it clean between uses. Plus, it also features a one-touch trigger and 175-degree adjustable head for total self-body use as well as a LED display that captures the health of your muscles via the temperature sensor built into the device.

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TimTam Pro Massager Features

  • Ultra quiet: 10 db operation at its lowest speed
  • 5 pre-programmed settings including: Warm Up, Recovery with Neck & Lumbar specifically designed to combat discomfort in these areas
  • 3 Deep Tissue speed settings: 1000, 2000, and 2800 strokes per minute
  • Skin temperature sensor to help identify the optimum muscle temperature for performance in degrees F
  • Powered Attachments: Auto heating to 99.5 degrees, Automatic Vibration at 35htz
  • Secure GPS compartment
  • 175-degree rotational head for easy one-handed use
  • One hour battery life
  • Antimicrobial surfaces and plastics

Massager Includes

  • Power Massager with battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Travel Bag
  • Round Rubber Tip
  • Auto Heating Tip
  • Vibrating Tip
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Deep Heat Therapy

Drive heat deep into your well deserving muscle tissue at optimal temperature with the Automatic Heated Tip.

TimTam Massager Pro - Battery Pack

Long Lasting Use

Enjoy for up to one hour of continuous use anywhere you need to be.

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Quiet for Public Use

Quietly recover in public, at home, the gym, office or even a plane with 50% less noise (just 10db on the lowest speed).

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Easy to Use

Effortlessly apply pressure to your 100% of your body with Multi-Position 175 Degree Articulation & One-Touch Trigger.

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Massage Anytime, Anywhere

Use the incredible power to target muscle groups that need recovery the most. In just 30 seconds, you can gain the benefits of percussion massage anywhere, anytime.

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Faster, Improved Recovery

Massage right after training reduces lactic acid buildup and repairs micro-tears meaning less soreness and improved recovery times.

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& Effective

Just 5 minutes with the PowerMassager Pro is equivalent to spending 30 minutes with a foam roller or professional masseuse.

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Portable for
On-The-Go Use

At just 2.0lb., cord-free and supplied with a carrying case the PowerMassager Pro is perfect, wherever you train.

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Increase Your Performance!

Regular deep massage after training has been shown to increase performance by 2-5%.

Multiple Uses to Target Discomfort Fast!

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