Enzyme Science - Telomere Pro, Supports Cellular Health, Energy Production and Healthy Aging with Vitamin D3, Rhodiola and Astragalus, Vegetarian, 30 Count

Telomere Pro is all about keeping your cells healthy. Each cell in your body is protected by a length of telomere that shortens every time the cell divides, until the cell ultimately dies. The process is called cellular aging. Stress and fatigue only speed this process along. Our Telomere Pro formula helps push back on this process with botanicals and vitamins that encourage telomere growth. It's botanicals like astragalus root and broccoli seed that help reduce the impact of factors like stress and fatigue, both of which can also wear on cells. Ultimately, Telomere Pro can be a powerful way to help boost cellular health.

  • DON'T CELL YOURSELF SHORT: Telomere Pro is a blend of botanicals and vitamins to support healthy cellular aging and energy production.
  • WHAT'S CELLULAR AGING?: Each time a cell divides, its protective tips, called telomeres, shorten until eventually the cell dies. Stress and age can speed along this process.
  • FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: The natural enzyme telomerase nourishes your cells and helps protect telomere length, slowing down cellular aging.
  • MORE ENERGY, LESS ANXIETY: Botanicals in Telomere Pro, like astragalus root and broccoli seed, encourage a stronger tolerance to stress and help fend off fatigue.
  • PRACTITIONER READY: We're dedicated to providing exceptional enzyme blends that go beyond digestive health to benefit the whole body.