Facial-Flex Instructional DVD With Step-By-Step Instructions

Facial and neck exercises have been proven to help support a more youthful complexion with age, to ease symptoms of conditions like TMJ and to assist with recovery following surgical procedures, injuries and stroke; however, many people struggle to perform facial exercises correctly on their own. The Facial Flex facial exercise and toning kit was developed to make targeted workouts for the 30 muscles in the face, chin and neck easy to complete for people of all ages and ability levels. By applying tension to all of the facial and neck muscles simultaneously with Facial Flex resistance bands, the Facial Flex Ultra device promotes improved muscle tone with just minutes per day. While Facial Flex exercise is simple, it is important to master the correct technique to ensure results, and the Facial Flex DVD can help you do just that. This instructional DVD fully explains Facial Flex concepts, so that you'll understand how and why the system works. The DVD also provides step-by-step instruction on how to use the Facial Flex Ultra properly. Over the course of the DVD, you'll hear firsthand testimonials from users who have benefited from the Facial Flex face lift system and learn about the clinical data that supports the use of the facial exercise device. The program also covers how to care for the Facial Flex, how and when to replace Facial Flex bands and how to continue seeing results as you gain strength and muscle definition. Get the information you need to ensure success with the Facial Flex facial exercise and toning kit. Order the Facial Flex DVD today.

  • All Facial-Flex products are shipped with the Authentic Facial-Flex Product Seal that contains the signature, trademarked logo along with the product's Tracer ID#
  • Provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Facial Flex Ultra device
  • Introduces Facial Flex concepts and explains how the system works
  • Includes clinical trial information and user testimonials
  • Teaches how to maintain and care for your Facial Flex Ultra device