Facial-Flex® Facial Exercise and Neck Toning Kit

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Experience Facial Rejuvenation with Facial-Flex!

Trim, tighten, and tone with Facial-Flex—clinically proven to help develop facial toning, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve the overall appearance of your face. The Facial-Flex is the first and only progressive-resistance-based exercise device that can help significantly strengthen your facial muscles. Apply this resistance-based training to the 30 muscle groups that support your face, chin, and neck for improved facial tone!

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Multiple Medical Uses

Facial-Flex was initially developed to help rehabilitate individuals who have sustained the deep facial burns that result in microstomia. It can also aid in speech articulation and jaw/TMJ rehabilitation as well as help patients with nerve disorders, strokes, MS, and more.

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Preventative Skin Maintenance

The skin on our face begins to loosen in our 30s. However, exercising with Facial-Flex as early as in your 20s may help protect your skin from the signs of aging and can be used for preventive measures as a facial rejuvenation device.

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Tone & Tighten Exercises

Exercising with Facial-Flex for just 4 minutes a day applies resistance to the 30 muscle groups that support your face, chin, and neck. Facial-Flex can also be used in conjunction with any facial fitness or facial yoga routine.

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Help for Brass & Woodwind Players!

Facial-Flex is a practical training tool for brass and woodwind instrument players. Using Facial-Flex allows these musicians to improve the strength of the orbicular muscles around the mouth, which builds endurance, power, and range. This facial exerciser also helps develop the embouchure.

Get Started Using Your Facial-Flex

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Step 1

After cleansing your face, apply a moisturizer to your face, chin, and neck. This will help condition your skin for the exercise and enhance the effects of the device.

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Step 2

Place the Facial-Flex device horizontally between your lips, resting the plastic ends in the corners of your mouth. Make sure the wider part of the white mouth piece goes inside of the mouth and not on the outside. Also, make sure the Flex-Band is placed properly on the mounts. Never put the device completely inside your mouth.

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Step 3

Lean slightly forward and lift your chin until it is level. This will extend the muscles of your neck under your chin.

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Step 4

Shape your lips into an oval, flattening your upper lip so it covers your top teeth. Fully compress the device, and then gradually release the compression, allowing Facial-Flex to fully extend by pulling back the corners of your mouth. Recommended to spend just 2 minutes with our mouth exerciser in the morning and at night.

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Rejuvenate at the Right Resistance Level

Flex-Bands are available in 6 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. As you become comfortable with the face-toning exercises, you will need to transition to a higher resistance to continue seeing improvement. Changing to a higher resistance challenges your muscles, increasing their strength and face-toning capability. For optimum results, the Flex-Bands must be changed weekly. The bands fatigue and the resistance decreases with use. Do not use more than one Flex-Band at a time.

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2-Minutes Away from a Fresh Face!

Facial-Flex is carefully calibrated to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Do not exceed the 2-minute exercises morning/evening regimen. As your facial muscles become firmer and stronger, use a higher level of Flex-Bands for optimal results. Also, remember to change the Flex-Band each week.

Best Practice

  • Facial-Flex is a personal exercise device—do not share with others.
  • Exercise slowly, keeping your teeth separated about one inch and your lips away from the metal bars. Your mouth should be an oval.
  • Avoid “puckering” your upper lip when compressing the device into the shape of an “O.”
  • Stop exercising when your facial muscles feel tired and sore.
  • Use care if you have chapped lips or cold sores.
  • Never use while driving or in a moving vehicle.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
  • Replace the Flex-Band every week to maintain a consistent level of resistance.
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Scientifically Backed—FDA Class 1 Medical Device

For more than 25 years, Facial-Flex, registered as a Class 1 medical device with the Food and Drug Administration, has been used by medical professionals and individuals with effective results for various facial care and rehabilitation needs.