Celebrate Earth Day with Retap

February 27, 2019

Earth Day is April 22nd. Celebrate with your own stylish act of environmentalism by purchasing a Retap water bottle.


The Sierra Club estimates American consumers throw away 24 billion bottles per year. These bottles end up in landfills and waterways where they kill millions of birds and marine animals and leech harmful chemicals into our soil and drinking water. Carrying a Retap bottle is a simple and sophisticated way to show you care for our planet.

Retap Earth Day

Trading in plastic for Retap’s lightweight, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass is good for you too. The simple habit of refilling your Retap each day is easy and inexpensive. Most importantly, it’s better for your health. Water from the tap is required to meet higher safety standards than bottled water, and glass does not contain the chemicals used to make plastic bottles. Plus, Retap bottles were specially designed with no edges where bacteria can accumulate.


Besides being better for the planet, and better for your health, drinking from a Retap bottle is more fun. Choose from 13 colorful no-leak lids and five decorative (and functional) sleeves to make your Retap suite your style whether at the office, gym, or on the move.

Retap Sleeve

So this Earth Day, treat yourself to a small purchase that will have a big environmental impact.