Enjoy a Therabath® Paraffin Bath with or without a fragrance

February 27, 2019

Therabath® paraffin baths are a popular gift item any time of year – and particularly during the holidays, when their soothing warmth counteracts aches and pains brought on by cold weather.

 And did you know that that warmth can be enjoyed with – or without – an accompanying aroma?

 For users who prefer just the warmth alone, the Therabath ScentFree™ paraffin formulation continues to be a high-demand replacement item.

 For users who like to engage their other senses to heighten the experience, Therabath offers a dozen paraffin refills with aromas. Two of the most popular scents are:

 Lavender Harmony™ – a blend of six essential oils to produce the effect of relaxing in a fragrant field of lavender, and

Lavender Harmony

 Wintergreen – an invigorating and clean scent that’s perfect for pedicures or foot treatments.


 But whether a person goes scented or ScentFree™, paraffin moist heat therapy can help:

  • soothe chronic joint pain or loosen joints prior to exercise
  • relax stiff muscles or help them recover after exercise
  • rejuvenate the skin


To learn more about the therapeutic benefits a Therabath Paraffin Bath produces, just click here.