Get Fit For Spring Break

February 27, 2019

Depending on where you live, it might feel like spring already or you might still be bundled up under a heavy winter coat dodging snowflakes! Spring will be officially making its long-awaited appearance next month and there is no better time than now to revisit your fitness goals. Whether you have booked an exotic trip for spring break or you are simply going about your normal routine, nothing will beat being proud of your overall health and wellness when out and about.

Below is a list of several products that will assist you in meeting and exceeding your goals, whether they involve weight loss, improved nutrition, more noticeable muscle definition or something else unique to your situation.

1 - Body Sport Exercise Weight Bars

We all know that a mix of strength training and cardio can maximize results! Using weight bars into your workouts at least two times per week is ideal.

If you have gym equipment set up in your basement or like working out in front of the television, these exercise bars feature rubber end caps to protect flooring and to allow for an easy lift off the floor. These are perfect when accomplishing shoulder presses or lunges. Weight options range from 6 to 24 pounds each, so there is a choice for you no matter your fitness level. Best of all, they are easy to store and are cost-effective if you are on a budget!

 Body Sport Weighted Bars

2 - HyperIce Vyper
Once you have completed your workout, it is only fair to give your body the chance to recover in style! The Vyper by HyperIce is a vibrating foam roller engineered for fitness recovery and myofascial release and can be utilized pre-workout or post-workouts as it provides relief from annoying knots, soreness and stiffness.

 Hyperice Vyper

3 - Therabath Paraffin Bath
The harsh temperatures and cold wind can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry and flaky. The oil used in paraffin is one of the safest moisturizing agents used in the cosmetic industry and these treatments are offered frequently at spas and medical offices nationwide. Purchasing an at-home paraffin bath will leave your hands, feet and elbows skin feeling smooth, nourished and ready to feel some sweet, sweet sunshine!