Nutritious Food Options For The Super Bowl

February 27, 2019

Super Bowl

What do chicken wings, pizza, and chili have in common? They can be found at lots and lots of Super Bowl parties nationwide, of course, but they can also wreck havoc on your digestion.

These treats are acceptable when eaten sparingly, but you will regret chowing down on unhealthy foods come Monday morning.

Are you in charge of hosting a Super Bowl party or perhaps you have been asked to provide something for a pot-luck? Putting a healthy spin on traditionally not-so-healthy food might show your friends and family that nutritious options can taste good. They might not even know you have swapped out something unhealthy for more nutritious ingredient.

Below are four ideas that are easy to assemble and will assist you (and your guests) with weight management during the big game:

1) A Fruit or Vegetable Tray
Football fans of all ages will appreciate a handful of grapes or pile of celery sticks during half-time. If you must, provide fruit or vegetable dip beside it, but choose a low-calorie option when shopping for the groceries prior to Sunday. Fruit kabobs and vegetable pizza put a fun spin on using these ingredients.

2) Guacamole
Because guacamole is made from avocados and often contain tomatoes, onions and lime juice, it can be a healthy snack or side dish as long as the chips you choose are whole wheat or organic. Ensure overindulging does not happen by placing the leftover guacamole back in the refrigerator after everyone has gotten a plate.

3) Baked Potatoes
Make a Baked Potato Bar complete with part-skim mozzarella cheese and low-fat sour cream. Everyone will love it and have fun while personalizing an edible masterpiece. We guarantee they will request you put one together for future parties! This option is quite filling and will leave guests in awe of your creativity.

Purchasing small, disposable plates rather than large, traditional dinner plates will keep portion sizes under control, too. Remember to stock up on plenty of bottled waters to cut-down on the empty calories provided through sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages.

Most of all, have fun at your party and may the best team win!