Now Offering Sombra

February 27, 2019

The Analgesic That Smells Good and Ousts Pain Naturally

As part of our quest to bring you the best health and wellness products on the market, we’re proud to introduce American made, all-natural Sombra. Sombra gels, lotions, and crèmes combine ancient wisdom and modern science to provide natural pain relief. Plant extracts and natural active ingredients deliver a one-two punch to knock out pain quickly without alcohol, unhealthy solvents, or other artificial ingredients. Users love Sombra’s refreshing scent and the fact that it’s non-greasy and won’t stain clothing.

With its powerful, all-natural, ability to stop pain fast, it is no wonder that Sombra is a favorite product among massage therapists, sports medicine experts, and other healthcare professionals.

"Sombra is the best product on the market for pain relief. I was one of the first to use it in Australia and will not be without it. There are many other pain relief gels on the market, but none so user-friendly and effective as Sombra."

Warwick Maxted, BPE
Dip RM
Tranquility Beauty & Massage Retreat

"As a sports medicine professional, I have worked with numerous warm and cool therapy products. Sombra seems to work best with our athletes when integrated into the pre-workout routine.  Sombra is a great product for both our athletes and clinicians!"

Jill Wosmek, MA, ATC
Women's Head Athletic Trainer
USA Volleyball

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